chris duarte

Austin-based guitarist, songwriter, and singer Chris Duarte is one of the top ten modern guitarists of our time. Often, compared to some of the greats. Duarte's sound is all him. Drawing on elements of jazz, blues, and rock & roll, Chris is always pushing the envelope of his instrument and his talent. "I'm a musician who is still out there searching for better ways to get from point A to point B, and better my craft. I'm just not content staying in one place."

roomful of blues

Even though Roomful of Blues' lineup has changed over the years, the band has always been one of the tightest, most joyful blues ensembles in the world. Currently an eight-piece unit led by guitarist Chris Vachon, the band has never sounded fresher or stronger. In 2010, singer Phil Pemberton took over the vocal duties, bringing his sweet and soulful vocals and adding another bright new dimension to the jazzy, jump-blues musical roots. Their winning combination of jump, swing, blues, R&B and soul remains their calling card, as does their ability to fill the dance floor. Along with new members, bassist John Turner, trumpeter Doug Woolverton and, longer standing members keyboardist Travis Colby, drummer Ephraim Lowell, baritone and tenor saxophonist Mark Earley, tenor and alto saxophonist Rich Lataille, Roomful keeps on rockin' in 2012.

johnny winter

When Johnny Winter emerged on the national scene in 1969, the hope, particularly in the record business, was that he would become a superstar on the scale of Jimi Hendrix, another blues-based rock guitarist and singer who preceded him by a few years. That never quite happened, but Winter did survive the high expectations of his early admirers to become a mature, respected blues musician with a strong sense of tradition.

He was born John Dawson Winter III in Leland, Mississippi, on February 23, 1944, and as an infant moved to Beaumont, Texas, where his brother Edgar Winter was born on December 28, 1946; both brothers were albinos. They turned to music early on, Johnny Winter learning to play the guitar, while Edgar Winter took up keyboards and saxophone to play his hot and sexy riffs. Before long they were playing professionally, and soon after that recording singles for small local record labels. Both of them were members of Johnny & the Jammers, whose 45 "School Day Blues"/"You Know I Love You" was released by Dart Records in 1959. Other singles, either credited to Winter or some group pseudonym, were released over the next several years, including “Gangster of Love"/"Eternally," initially issued by Frolic Records in 1963 and picked up for national distribution by Atlantic Records in 1964, and "Gone for Bad"/"I Won’t Believe It," also a 1963 Frolic single that was licensed by MGM Records in 1965. Winter had his first taste of chart success with a version of "Harlem Shuffle."


In the spirit of keeping the Blues Festival a safe environment for families, we ask that you not bring the following items:

Outside alcoholic beverages, pets, glass, unauthorized vending, weapons. Festival reserves the right to deny entry or remove anyone from the grounds in violation of these rules and regulations. All bags are subject to search.

Only handheld coolers will be permitted onto festival grounds, and all handheld coolers will be searched. Outside alcohol is not permitted, and any glass items must be disposed of prior to admittance.


It's only a matter of hours till the Blues Festival (This weekend), and it looks like we'll see beautiful weather! See this page for more. Are you excited to see Johnny Winter, Chris Duarte, Roomful of Blues, and countless other talents!?

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